Welcome to the
Animated World of CAP

Welcome to the
Animated World
 of CAP

Clinical Animated Productions or CAP was created to fill a void in programs that reduce the Fear & Anxiety of young sick children who need to be treated by a Doctor or medical staff at a clinic or hospital.

Our programs also help transform difficult patient behavior to one of caring and trust

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Scene from “Do you like it or not”

Our Production team of writers and experts includes Pediatric Nurses & Doctors, Child Life Specialists, and an award-winning video producer have researched and developed a new animated prescription reducing common “Medical Appointment” symptoms in our Program entitled: “Do you Like it or NOT?”

This entertaining, engaging and educational program was created to lessen or eliminate the fear/tears and anxiety a young child has when they need to have an injection or other needle pokes. The program was created using our new (copyrighted method that immediately engages, entertains, and seamlessly educates each young patient viewer. Resulting in an emotional shift from fear/tears to one of understanding and trust.

Check out this short animated clip from the program where Cindy Syringe tries to convince the studio audience and Host (Poke A Dot) How much she cares about them and why they should like her and not be afraid…on this fun & educational TV Talk Show. “Do You Like it or NOT?”

Listen to what a Credited Child life Specialist and Primary Education Teacher say about CAP Animated Programs

The best part of our series is that they were designed to be Personalized.  Each one will look as if takes place at your Hospital or Clinic! 

This is a valuable addition to your healthcare system’s library.
You healthcare facility will have exclusive rights on each program. They can’t be replicated or shown by anyone else without written approval in advance.

Great Public Relations opportunity! Shows how your facility / Health Care system cares about the emotions of each young patient / parents and attending medical staff. Eliminating or greatly reducing mental anxiety and fear makes patient management and healing more effective in the short or long term.

We interviewed 2nd grade classes after they watched this show. The genuine response they gave even made us smile!


We will show your name, logo, exterior, lobby, treatment areas and much more!