Aw Nuts! I’m Allergic to Them!

Having a Nut Allergy is both a common and serious medical condition. Being a Squirrel with a nut allergy makes for an entertaining yet important educational story for children with and without food allergies. This entertaining animated video teaches about the importance of knowing what is in the food a child with a nut allergy eats every day! Especially valuable for their teachers.

This 2D Animated Story engages the viewer immediately who becomes aware of this difficult problem that our star NUTTY the Squirrel has to overcome somehow if he can!

This animated story about living with nut allergies was written specifically for young viewers. It incorporates catchy songs and visuals that are seamlessly blended with important concepts making retention of them almost automatic! This colorful program with several adorable characters rhythmic music and lyrics along with their fun antics, motivate the young viewers to watch this animated video over and over again and share it with their friends. As with all of our programs, it also includes a “Life lesson” that is revealed as the story plays out to a heartwarming conclusion.


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