I’m Going To The Hospital!

 Sarah was not feeling well. So, her parents made an appointment to see a pediatric doctor at their hospital.  Like most of us, going  somewhere for first time can be frightening especially a huge hospital lobby!  However, as soon as she walked in, Remee, a well dressed talking rabbit hopped up to meet her, and her parent. Remee exclaimed, “No worries Sarah, after taking my tour, the kids all say: I’m not afraid anymore, NO Way!!”

You see, Remee gave private VIP hospital tours so new patients could see for themselves what it looks like and what happens there. Remee the Rabbit invites Sarah, a young child on a special Hospital tour on his Tour Mobile before her appointment date.

This hospital tour gives Sarah and the young viewers taking a virtual tour is an engaging, educational and memorable adventure of what the inside of a  hospital looks like and what goes on there.  Sarah quickly makes new friends with, a nurse, a singing scale and other personified medical instruments that a nurse or doctor uses during a typical examination.



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