“Poke A Dot” the Comfort Dog Video Premier


After years of study and focus groups, the University of Michigan MOTT Children’s Hospital’s team of Child life specialist and nurses created: “The Poke & Procedure Plan”. This innovated plan reduces the anxiety of young patients that need to have some type of injection / needle poke. The Poke Plan gives the young patients a voice and a choice by letting them pick from several comfort options that enables them to feel more at ease along with effective distraction techniques.

CAP Animations creative director Norman Calfin worked for over a year with Mott Hospital team facilitator Julie Piazza MS, CCLS to produce an animated video that supports the Poke and Procedure Plan. This animated video takes place on a TV Games show staring Poke a Dot the comfort dog entitled: “Do You Like it or NOT?” By showing this educational, entertaining, and memorable program to young patients at home, in the car going to the appointment or in the clinic or hospital’s waiting room, the majority of the children’s behavior was transformed from fear and apprehension to one of trust and understanding. Making the treatment experience easier and far better for everyone

Other important takeaways from the animated video include why injections are sometimes needed to either help reduce the time it takes to feel better or help prevent getting sick in the first place via a vaccination.

This entertaining/educational program takes place on a TV Gameshow entitled: “Do you like it or not?” Hosted by Poke A Dot the Comfort Dog. With his special guest “Cindy Syringe” “The sharpest gal I ever met” said Poke A Dot.

We bet you can’t watch this animated game show without learning & smiling more than once!


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